The All-in-One DeFi Protocol

About Fruits DeFi

The Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project is developing decentralized systems for Donation, Charity, NFT, Finance, etc, which all systems run on the Fruits Eco-Blockchain. The various systems of Decentralized Finance are collectively called Fruits DeFi.

Juice DEX

DEX that runs on the Fruits Eco-Blockchain and uses an AMM model to allow users to trade crypto assets anytime, anywhere without an intermediary.


FRUITS Staking offers crypto investors around the world to earn stable yields through non-custodial staking directly from your FRUITS Wallet. FRUITS Staking also provides staking opportunities for various crypto assets & networks.


FRUITS Lending provides opportunities to investors to lend their crypto assets to earn interest in the form of crypto rewards. Choose a borrower of your choice that best fits your needs and requirements to grow your portfolio.

Yield Farming

FRUITS Yield Farming provides opportunities to investors to earn significantly high yields by staking a pair of crypto assets. Choose a pair of your choice and put your idle assets to work and grow your portfolio.

Juice DEX

Juice DEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on the Fruits Eco-Blockchain. Users can trade crypto assets anywhere and anytime without intermediaries.

How Does It Work?

Juice DEX uses an automated market maker (AMM) model where users supply FRTS, BTC, or ETH to a "liquidity pool" and an algorithm sets the market price based on supply and demand (unlike order books that match bids and asks in a centralized exchange). This liquidity pool allows for peer-to-peer trading.

FRUITS Staking

Fruits Eco-Blockchain's Staking supports multiple blockchains and allows users to earn rewards by supplying BTC, ETH, and FRTS to the Juice DEX liquidity pool (Staking).

In the future, user’s will be able to supply more crypto asset or token other than FRTS, BTC, or ETH to the liquidity pool. In addition, users will be able to create their own token(s) and list them on the Juice DEX using Fruits Eco-Blockchain's TFSTs protocol.

How To Stake

Select the cryptocurrency you wish to stake and the period you wish to lock your assets. Send the selected cryptocurrency to the staking address and your staking will start. Once the lock-up period is over, you will receive your asset back with the the interest amount.

FRUITS Wallet supports the following cryptocurrencies

Fruits Coin (FRTS)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)